It is Okay to Use Phrases Such as – At No Cost to You – Just Don’t Say Free

As a highly prolific online article writer with nearly 22,000 online articles, I am constantly barraged with email questions from new article marketers who are just starting out. No I do not mind assisting them, and yes, I’d be glad to answer a few of your questions too. Under one condition, you allow me to use my answers in future articles on the topic.

Not long ago, I was discussing the types of trigger words that make sense to use in article marketing without getting too salesy. What works and what should be avoided. Well, I do have some very serious thoughts on this, so let’s discuss this shall we? Very well then.

Now this is one of my pet-peeves and it’s something that often rubs web-surfers the wrong way. You see, you should avoid and try very hard not use the word “FREE” in you online article by-line – why you ask? Well, for one because although FREE is most definitely everyone’s favorite 4-letter word, in an online article FREE causes your articles to not be picked up by electronic online newsletters or Ezine Editors who send out newsletters because many SPAM systems will exile the article it to the spam box.

When I explained this to a newbie in article marketing, we he definitely agreed and stated matter-of-factly; “I am not crazy about that word anyway, which is why I use the word complimentary. It IS complimentary. But the reason is I saw many others using it, so thought it was what people expected.”

Others do use it, and it makes them sound cheap, gimmicky, overtly marketing. You are beyond that, you have letters next to your name, you are a professional! Remember this. Complimentary is a very nice word to use, smart choice indeed. Please think on this and do not forget; it is okay to use phrases such as – At No Cost to You – just don’t say Free. Please consider all this.